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Buyers Want to be Home Sweet Home!

A simple space is what buyers want!  When previewing your home a potential purchaser wants to feel that they could live in your space.  They want to envision themselves at home with their belongings.  Cluttered spaces prohibit the imagination of the buyer.  Too much stuff distracts from the appeal and beauty of the home.  Sellers need to de-clutter closets and cabinets because it is inevitable that buyers will look in.  We are all nosy but order isn't to please those who are nosy, it's main point is to help encourage the home to sell.   When buyers can see how their items will fit inside this drawer or that pantry it makes a difference.  As they open the cabinet and see a mess they can not visualize past the unorganized space.

Organized Space Shows Pride of Ownership!
Everyone wants a home that has been well maintained. When homeowners take the time to rearrange and organize all their belongings it helps to show they care for their possessions which reflects that they care for their home!  Having clean, organized spaces shows an owner's pride in their property and makes the possible buyer feel comfortable about their prior upkeep and diligence in managing the home. 

Simple is Charming!

Personal items such as pictures of family or bold & specific furniture take away from the the home's appeal.  Removing distracting items and allowing for modern simple touches give the buyer a chance to see the best in the home and not focus on your wedding day picture or your favorite red rug!  This removes major distractions and helps the buyer focus more on the home's character which in turn can help sell your home!

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A kitchen can make or break the sale of a home!  It is the main room in a home that buyers want to see done beautifully!   Usually, the kitchen is the last space in a home that buyers want to remodel! Therefore, Kitchen's are #2 on our list of top secret to selling a home fast!

When thinking of spending money to get a home ready to sell consider how to upgrade the kitchen first.  That money will go a long way in the sale of a home and could be just the reason a buyer makes an offer.  

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